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Artist - Naturalist - Nurse Scholar - Tribalist

Finding human wellness through nature connection.

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I have what seems like a broad range of interests, activities, and professional roles. Over time I have learned to bring these together into the things that I am passionate about.

I am an Interpretive Naturalist (park ranger) for the Department of Natural Resources. My role is to help people visiting state parks to find nature connection by bringing the natural sciences to them in an engaging way that makes sense to them. Not everyone can be a naturalist, but most people can be conservationists if they have an understanding of the world that they live in.

Sometime during 2018, I expect to complete my dissertation in nursing research. My dissertation focus is the complexity of nursing work and how it affects nurse and patient outcomes. Complexity science encompasses health care and ecology; both are complex adaptive systems that can't always be explained with simple, linear equations.

Broadly, I am interested in helping folks improve their wellness through exposure to and experience with nature; that is, by finding nature connection. To do this, I will use my skills in interpretive science and my knowledge of the natural and physical sciences to help people engage in the natural world around them. Interpretive programs, articles, and books are some of the ways that I plan to accomplish this goal.

I have a lot of interests, by my main hobby is oil painting. I primarily do still life paintings, but I am trying to develop my skills as a wildlife artist. I am a member of the Oil Painters of America, and if I can ever get my website straightened out, that will be one place that you can see my paintings. Yes, I do sell them. I am willing to discuss commissioned work, but we should start that conversation with the point that most commissioned works will be priced with four or five numbers to the left of the decimal point.

I describe myself using the different domains of my life, and have already given you three of them: artist, naturalist, and nurse scholar. The fourth, and final, domain is, truthfully, my highest priority: tribalist. I use the term tribalist because conceptually, it lets you know how strongly I value my family and friends. It would be wonderful to count you among them.

Nitty gritty...
I have lived in Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, New York, South Dakota, Utah, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.
100% gay.
Married to my best friend. We have a dog.
Whole-food, plant-based diet. I have lost nearly 100 pounds in the last several months. I have reversed out-of-control diabetes and am now off all meds.
Four degrees: BS in chemistry/biology, MPhil in biochemistry/molecular biology (molecular immunovirology), BS in nursing, MS in nursing. PhD in nursing expected in 2018.
Mountains and hills more than plains; rivers and lakes more than oceans; outside, not inside; dogs, not cats; beans, not beef; human endeavor, not religion.
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